More on Cheney and Child Torture

Posted: February 22, 2010 in U.S. Politics, Uncategorized
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After completing the recent Cheney entry, I came across information that provides material evidence to the mostly speculative musings in this blog entry. It turns out that Dick Cheney, his daughter Liz, and Bush were both connected to a Mel Sembler, Bush’s Ambassador to Italy. He was also a funder and founder of a series of teenage “boot camp” organizations that used coercive methods to wean those teenagers from drugs.  These organizations, such as Straight, Inc. and others, subjected young people to a series of assaults, including sleep deprivation, starvation, stress positions, and bodily injuries as part of its treatment program. The dozens of horrified parents of these children sued the Straight organization and won multi-million dollar settlements.  After Straight went out of business, the Semblers created a series of newer anti-drug teenage boot camp groups.  More recently, Mel Sembler has become the chief financier of Liz Cheney’s anti-Obama group, Keep America Safe. Apparently, Sembler got interested in the sadistic boot camp approach to treating “drug addicted” teenagers after placing his own son in such a facility in 1974.  Sembler believed that the coercive methods used on his son worked.  Apparently, Cheney and Tabor have more in common than we at first thought.  Both are quick to resort to torture when the weak do not obey.


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