PR Birthday Certificates online

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Latino Politics, U.S. Politics, Uncategorized

The government of Puerto Rico has responded to all the criticism they have received from many quarters, including this one, for their rash and rushed decision to make all Puerto Ricans born in Puerto Rico apply for new birth certificates.  They have created a website to handle the applications online.  The only problem is that people have to register first to access and apply for the certificate.  Here is the site:

The close to 4 million in Puerto Rico and 1.3 million stateside who were born in Puerto Rico would overwhelm the Puerto Rico government agencies with requests for new, more secure birth certificates starting with the July 1stdeadline.

The Government of Puerto Rico is asking that only those needing the certificate for an immediate use should request the document in July and points out that there is no need for everyone to rush to do so. However, confusion still remains about the practical implications of this document transition for such things as passports, driver’s licenses and so on. In addition, the Government of Puerto Rico’s lack of a coordinated community education campaign on this matter (PSAs, community workshops, etc.), relying instead on sporadic news conferences, seems to be adding to the confusion.

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