Sarah Palin a Big Hypocrite

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Economy, Obama, Race, Tea Party, U.S. Politics
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Recently, some conservative news sources and blogs have called attention to Palin’s 2008 RNC  nomination speech.  They believe that Palin predicted what they call Obama’s disaster.  I have to protest and laugh at such obvious distortions.  The only thing she predicted is her own hypocritical and tainted record.  Here is one passage from her speech where she outlines what she thinks Obama would do.

The answer is to make government bigger … take more of your money … give you more orders from Washington … and to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world.

The problem is that Alaska and her own reign as governor is a better example of budgetary excess, government dependence, and reckless allegiance to special interests.  Alaska receives twice as much in federal dollars as what it pays in federal taxes. Highest than any other state in the union. One in three jobs in Alaska depends on federal dollars. Palin even got almost $27 million in federal earmarks for her hometown of Wasilla, a town of 6,700 residents! Each state resident of Alaska also receives $1800 a year in stipends from the government. Sounds like pure hyprocrisy and “socialism” to me.  But this is nothing new for Palin.  Witness her bizarre and contradictory opposition to Rahm Emanuel’s use of the word retard.  Hahaha!


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