The New York Times has again found what I’ve been saying for some time.  Power does not come from numbers alone.  Thus, in a recent article, the Times discovered that

Hispanics’ representation on influential political boards has not kept pace with their increase in numbers

This was the main argument in my book Boricua Power.  It would interesting to see how this plays itself out as the numbers of Latinos in the United States continues to climb.  Can Latinos make themselves more attractive to others in this society as workers, thinkers, and performers?  Only by doing so can Latinos gain more influence.  At this point, the challenge looms very large.  The current political economy has decreased everyone’s value.  We’ll see if Latinos can reverse this trend.

  1. […] Power is the capacity to influence the way other people think, feel, and act.  We gain that capacity when others believe that we have something of value that they want, need, or desire.  Our bosses can get us to come to work though we prefer to go to the park because they can deny us the money and job that we need to maintain our lifestyle and lives.  President Obama is the president.  But, for a variety of reasons, the formal powers of the position does not permit him to move a Republican controlled House to enact his policies.  A major reason is that Republicans don’t think he has anything of value that he can offer them or take from them.  Unlike so many Republicans of the past, this new Republican cadre see nothing good coming out of government spending or programs.  Obama, thus lacks, both a carrot and a stick to move the GOP off of their recalcitrant back sides. […]

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