Obama or Romney?

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Economy, Iraq War, Latino Politics, Obama, Power, U.S. Politics

I am better off today because we no longer have a president who would launch us into unnecessary wars, eliminate what ever safety net still exists, and keep us in outdated and ineffective 20th century (energy, manufacturing, financial) policies. That being said, I am incredulous how many people who claim to believe in capitalism seem to think that the government has a bigger impact on their lives than capitalism has. Those of you who are unemployed or working for less than you were 4 years ago seem blind to the fact that corporations have a lot to do with that. Not only have corporations shipped a lot of your jobs overseas but in this recent economic recovery they have restarted production with a vastly shrunken workforce. They have eliminated more jobs by resorting to automation and computer software. They did not do this because of Obama. They did it because YOU cost too much. They did not want to pay your salaries, help you pay your mortgage, help you put your kids through school, or pay for your food. And they will continue to do this in the future.

All a president can do is to affect this process of economic structural change around the margins. Obama can make your standard of living better and a little cheaper by supporting education and maintaining a safety net to protect you when employers release you or drop your health care insurance. Romney will make it easier for employers to do what they are doing to ship jobs overseas, shrink their workforce, and make you absorb more of the costs of keeping you alive…even if you die doing it.

You decide what you prefer…a president who will provide you with some support to make it through this economic shift or a president who will provide corporate bosses with the support they want to make it more profitable for them to make it through this current economic shift.


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