Trump and the Undocumented

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Trump can’t do more to eliminate undocumented workers than Obama has without deeply hurting families and the economy…
Like going out to lunch or dinner? Get ready to pay a lot more for that…as cheap kitchen help disappears…

Like having a job? Get ready to be unemployed as businesses hurt by worker deportations close and bring down other businesses…

Like to fix your home? Get ready to pay up your nose as cheap construction labor disappears

Hate how your life style has suffered with stagnant wages and increasing prices? Get ready to suffer more as Trump’s new regime transfers more wealth to the rich, does nothing to bring back jobs, and eliminates programs that help you when you’re down…

You think the current immigration debate is really about stopping people from flouting the law? Wait till your life turns downwards even more and see if you remain a ‘law abiding’ citizen…


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